Need a Professional Mold Test?

In many cases, it’s obvious that mold growth is the problem.  You can see the black splotches all over the walls and smell the musty odor.  You may even remember the leaky pipe or roof that caused this situation.

But in many cases, you may not be sure what the problem is.  You’re suspicious about the condition of the property, a friend or relative mentioned a similar experience or you just have an uneasy feeling.  You want a professional to come out to see if there’s something there.

Call today and let us come out to determine the severity of your problem.  We can make it right or we can put your mind at ease with the proper testing.

Benefits of Having a Certified Mold Removal Expert Inspect and Remediate Your Property

1. We Pinpoint the Source. 

It needs moisture to grow. We will determine the source of the water intrusion and we have relationships with the best contractors in the industry and we can recommend the best plumbers in Tallahassee to complete your pipe, water heater and toilet repairs.

2. We Know Exactly What You’re Dealing With. 

Our certified test results tells you exactly what type of problem you have.  Contamination can range from nagging alteraria to toxic stachybotrys.

3. We Carefully Contain the Spores. 

The last thing that you want to do is to attempt to remove mold on your own.  Stirring up the spores can spread them to other locations in the home and worsen health problems.  Even dead mold spores are a problem.  Not all spores in the air are viable but they still be toxic and allergenic.  We establish a containment barrier and set up negative pressure in the workspace to make sure the rest of your home is protected.

4. Proper Removal and treatment.

We follow the protocols required by the IICRC to properly remediate your residential or commercial property.

5. We Respond Quickly 24 Hours a Day.

We’ll get to you within the same day to start drying your property and to identify the source of the problem.  We’ll start working immediately to clear that problem, remove any damaged property, walls, carpets, flooring, etc. and treating the mold with our proprietary treatment.  You’re just a phone call away from clean air and a safe home.

6.  Post-Restoration Testing. 

Not only will your home look and smell better, it will really BE better.  Once your property is dry and we have completed our work, we test again for the mold levels in your home.  We won’t stop until the test results prove that the mold concentrations are lower inside containment than outside or unaffected areas with similar mold types present.

7.  Improved Health for You and Your Family.

After your home is remediated, you can breathe clean air again and know that the work has been completed properly and that your family is safe.