At Tallahassee Mold Pros, we are experts at removing mold from residences, commercial buildings, schools, restaurants and more.  We are not medical experts.  We have seen many cases where mold problems caused illnesses. We are providing this information as a resource as you consider hiring a company for mold testing or removal.

Mold allergy symptoms are different, as each body is unique, thus having a unique response to allergens and other environmental stimuli. Nonetheless, most allergies involve a series of symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

  1. stuffy, runny nose
  2. throat irritations
  3. red, itchy, teary eyes
  4. shortness of breath
  5. coughing and wheezing
  6. swelling
  7. itching skin and rashes

Mold allergy can manifest similarly to asthma. If you’ve don’t have experience with asthma but you start choking, wheezing and suffocating out of the blue, you should suspect an allergy. If there are no known allergens inside your home, you should probably hire a mold detection and removal company to confirm the presence of mold and mildew. We can also help you clean up your living space.

Your immune system is kicking in to protect you as it perceives harmless substances or compounds as enemies.  Your body aunches all these symptoms to destroy the enemy and kick it out of the body as soon as possible.

When someone who suffers from mold allergy inhales the spores, the immune system comes up with a plan to defend the body against these tiny invaders. The antibodies go to war, their action being the cause of all these symptoms. When this happens, the allergic individual takes medication that calms down the antibodies.

As mold can be quite insidious sometimes, everyone who experiences allergy symptoms for no reason should see a doctor. Mold can be everywhere, so almost everybody could get in contact with the spores, regardless of what they do for a living. Homemakers, children and the elderly can be significantly affected. They may have more prolonged exposure than others who work outside of the home for part of the day.  Mold can grow wherever it finds a proper humidity level to support its rapid development. This means you can have mold in your crawl space, attic and HVAC unit.  It can also thrive in drywall, carpet, as well as behind walls in framing.

What Should You Do if You Think You Have Mold in the House?

Testing for various types of allergy is easy. Prick tests are widely available so that you can get tested for a multitude of substances such as mold spores, pet dander, various foods, pollen, bee venom and dust mites. Even if you don’t suspect mold spores in your house or workspace, you should ask to be tested, as you could easily be wrong about the presence of mold.

Mold allergy can start with only mild symptoms, but you shouldn’t ignore it, as it won’t go away by itself. Moreover, repeated exposure to the allergen is only going to worsen the situation.  Your symptoms will be amplified with each new flare-up. Extremely severe symptoms such as suffocation and asthma attacks can be lethal, so you should seek medical attention as soon as you notice you have a running nose or a stubborn cold-like symptoms.  Most colds go away within one or two weeks, so anything longer than that could be a sign of mold allergy.

If you suspect that your environment is causing your allergy symptoms, call Tallahassee Mold Pros for thorough testing.  Peace of mind and the right information will make you feel better.  Then you will feel even better when we complete your remediation.

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