The short answer is that you should seek out a professional mold test when you suspect the exposure to black mold is occurring or when you believe that the toxic mold might cause a problem for you, your family or employees.

Keep reading to see if its time to call for us to come out and check for black mold in your home.

If you suspect mold in your house, it is time to hire a professional mold specialist to perform a mold inspection. If there’s hidden mold in your home, you may not know that it is present until you begin to feel ill.
By taking note of any signs of mold, you can find and get rid of the mold in your house before it becomes a health problem. You may not only prevent health issues and costly medical bills, but you may also avoid expensive repair and removal fees before it becomes a larger problem.

What are Some Symptoms Of Black Mold Exposure

Has a Family Member Been Ill?

Many people dismiss the symptoms of mold as other health or environmental issues. However, if you begin to experience symptoms that are not easily remedied through medication or other means, that could be an indication that you are surrounded by dangerous airborne spores, and it is causing your symptoms. Some of these symptoms include:

• Sore eyes
• Red eyes
• Itchy skin
• Sneezing
• Asthma
• Runny nose
• Sore throat
• Coughing

These symptoms also appear for other common health conditions such as colds and the flu, so it’s easy to understand why people may not recognize these symptoms as mold exposure. However, one way to tell if the symptoms are related to mold or not is to leave your house. If the symptoms disappear while you are outside or in another location, it is highly likely that mold is in your house.

Another sign that mold is present in your home is if several people in the home are also suffering from the same symptoms.  The elderly, infants, pregnant women and people with immune system disorders are at higher risk due to exposure.

It is also important to note that black mold is extremely toxic and can cause severe and sometimes fatal symptoms.

children and mold allergies

Smelling Something Unusual?

Another way to tell if mold is present in your home is through your sense of smell. If there is a sour, dank smell in the house that seems to be stronger in one location, it is likely that mold is growing in that area of the home.

If the smell seems to be worse when your heater or air conditioning unit is on, mold may be growing in your HVAC unit. You will need to have the unit inspected by an HVAC expert and mold removal contractor.

Seeing The Mold?

Some people may see mold in their house and not realize it is mold. You will have to look carefully to identify the mold. For example, some homes have mold growing in the grout along the shower wall and not realize it.

Some people also ignore obvious signs of mold if it is small. Small amounts of mold in the home usually mean that there is enough moisture in the home for mold to thrive. You must take steps to correct the moisture problems to avoid bigger problems.

Previous or Ongoing Water Leaks?

A water leak in the home can also be a sign of mold. Leaks from the roof and pipes are the most common water leaks in a home. Sprinklers spraying on the house or burst pipes are also culprits in mold growth. If there are cracks in the walls, moisture may be able to seep through and cause mold to grow.

If you suspect you have mold in your home, it is critical that you contact Tallahassee Mold Pros as soon as possible. We will inspect your home for mold and then use the IICRC recommended removal techniques to restore your home if needed.

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