Many homeowners and landlords think that it’s simple to dry up water damage and to remove mold. A lot of people assume that taking care of mold will be an easy task. After all, some mold disappears with a little bit of bleach. Many people believe that it’s as simple as scrubbing the mold away when you see it. People who make these assumptions usually wind up learning that mold is a lot more formidable than it seems.

Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes Before Renting a Dehumidifier

1. A Day or Two Is Not Enough. The primary reason that mold grows is that there is lots of moisture in the air and the materials of your home. Mold is most common in dark and damp areas, such as attics or basements. When there’s a lot of moisture and stagnant air, it’s easy for mold to thrive.

You can remove moisture from the air by running a dehumidifier in the area. A dehumidifier for a couple of days can make a damp room feel dry, but it may not remove enough moisture from the walls and carpets. Our technicians use professional moisture meters to measure the drywall and frames of your house. We make sure the room is really dry.

2. Dead Mold Is Still a Health Hazard. Even if you can kill it, the dead mold is still a health hazard, and it will be able to grow back if you don’t take the necessary precautions and remove the conditions that allowed it to flourish in the first place. Spraying the visible surface may not eliminate the mold behind the wall, in the insulation, in the crawlspace or under the carpet that you can’t see.

If you have a mold problem, you need to remove all of it and cut it off at the source. You’ll always be dealing with mold unless you can fix the cause.

3. Act Fast or It May Be Too Late. If you wait too long to start the drying process, it may be too late, and mold spores may already be multiplying in your home. Drying and dehumidifying will still be needed but you may need the additional services of mold testing or removal. Call Tallahassee Mold Pros and we’ll set up drying equipment right away.

4. Fix the Real Problem. What created the moisture problem in the first place? Did your roof leak? Did a pipe burst in the last freeze? Did you have storm damage from the recent tropical storm or hurricane? Did you leave your air conditioner off while you were on vacation? Did the kids overflow the tub? Did the refrigerator or freezer leak all over the kitchen floor? Did a pipe burst in the wall? Find the cause of the problem and get it repaired. If you don’t, you’ll be back renting¬†dehumidifiers at Lowes or Home Depot for again soon.

5. Don’t let it spread. If you fail to remove a small patch of mold in your house, it can quickly spread. It can contaminate other rooms and mold spores can get into the air conditioning system and cause additional problems. Using a dehumidifier is a good step, but it may not take care of everything.

Call Tallahassee Mold Pros before you drive down to your local Home Depot or equipment rental company. We’ll use the proper equipment move the air, remove moisture from the air and clean up your mold.

Dehumidifiers are critical to mold remediation, but the only way to keep mold from coming back is to create an environment that is not suitable to mold. You don’t want to have to rent equipment over and over. Hire professionals with the right training and tools and say goodbye to mold for good.


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