If you believe that you are dealing with a mold problem, the best thing that you can do is bring in our team of professionals. Our professionalism is apparent from the first phone call until the job is complete.

We understand that some people believe that mold can be removed as a do it yourself project, and not everyone wants to get professional help for a mold problem. But we need to stress that if the mold growing in your home is toxic, you will not be able to remove it on your own.  You need to let our professionals handle the work for the safety of your family.  It’s about knowledge, training, experience and equipment.

Testing Kits and Reports

The first thing is to determine what kind of mold you have. Identifying the type of microbial growth and assessing the level of contamination is critical.  If you’re dealing with black mold, calling licensed professionals is mandatory.

We can quickly and easily test the areas with a swab kit or an air sample. The kit lets us know if we’re dealing with a toxic strain, or something less serious.  The strain may not be toxic and deadly, but it may still cause serious illness or chronic symptoms.

Drying Equipment, Dehumidifiers and Air Scrubbers

Once the water source is controlled and eliminated, we use commercial grade dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and drying equipment.
We don’t rent equipment.  We have invested in having the right tools to address any size job in Tallahassee.

Cleaning Materials

Once we’ve confirmed the microbial strain in your home, we can contain it if needed, create negative air pressure in the space and start cleaning it properly.  We use the most effective anti-microbial solutions available.

Protective Gear and Containment

We always protect our removal crew, your family and the rest of the home or business when we clean the contamination. We may use protective suits, gloves, respirators and other equipment if needed.

Post-Clean Up and After

Once the mold has been cleaned up, you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t come back.  Inspect and repair your roof as needed to prevent leaks.  Maintain plumbing and pipes in crawlspaces. Make sure the A/C works, especially during our steamy summers in Tallahassee, Florida.


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