The importance of preventing mold growth in your house cannot be overstated.  Mold is one of the worst problems you can have in your home. Even when it isn’t detectable, microbial growth is extremely dangerous. Mold spores can easily become airborne, and once inhaled, they go into the lungs of the inhabitants of the house, making them sick. Unfortunately, all surfaces in a home are prone to mold growth. It can develop on the walls, in carpets, on furniture upholstery and window treatments, on foods, and even on the backside of drywall. Mold spores are a real threat to the health of your whole family, so you should take precautions to prevent mold growth in your homes.

Signs of Mold in Home

When mold develops in a house, its inhabitants may start to feel unwell, without having any idea about the causes of their symptoms. Children may cough and develop fever, so you are going to spend many hours in the doctor’s office, trying to have them diagnosed with a mold allergy and treated. If the mold isn’t visible, nobody can blame it with certainty, as these symptoms are common to a broad range of medical conditions. Doctors may try lots of treatments on your children hoping one of them will eventually work. However, due to the constant exposure to mold, your kids aren’t going to get better. Their symptoms will come back over and over again. If your doctor indicates that you should consider mold, call us to perform a thorough inspection and any remediation needed.


Prevention is much better than the prospect of destroying half of your house in your attempt to get rid of the mold. You should try to educate yourself about various methods of preventing mold and mildew from developing. These methods may vary with the region you live in, so you should always get the right information for your particular area. Living near a lake isn’t the same thing as living at the edge of a desert. As you can imagine, these two regions have entirely different humidity conditions, so various measures apply.

Moisture Control

Due to its insidious nature, mold can’t be entirely eradicated, so it’s much better to take precautions than to fight with it. The best possible prevention is moisture control.  Keeping every source of water in good repair and repairing leaks quickly is exactly what you need to do if you want to maintain a clean and mold-free house. Maintaining a dry atmosphere can be a big challenge, especially if you live in an area with a humid climate.

Temperature Control

In hot climates like Tallahassee, it is important to keep the air conditioner running even when you are away.  Don’t allow the closed up house to get humid.  These hot, muggy conditions are perfect for mold growth, and it only takes a few days for the situation to spiral our of your control.

In conclusion, mold prevention in homes is crucial for maintaining the proper health of the inhabitants. The most useful measure is to keep moisture away. Air dryers and air conditioning units are two practical tools to control the humidity of your indoor air. Also, if you live in a rather humid area, you should consider running thorough home inspections periodically, to detect all mold and mildew growths as early as possible. A little caution can take you a long way.

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