We are proud of our community and that includes the schools and colleges here in Tallahassee.  As we expand our business we plan to hire from these local Tallahassee universities.  We also have completed remediation projects in the student housing buildings and apartments.

Florida State University

As the biggest university in Tallahassee, Florida State University is the most prestigious educational institution in the city and one of the largest in the state. It is a school that is renowned for its academics and athletics. It has degree programs in multiple disciplines like the sciences, humanities, arts, technology, liberal arts and all disciplines in between. It is a very large school with a lot going for it. A school that has thousands of applicants every year. The school is worth considering for anyone who wants a high-quality education, an enjoyable campus life, and successful sports teams.

Florida A&M University

A prestigious historically black college in America, Florida A&M University is known for its school of Pharmacy and its dynamic marching band. With their bright green colors, soulful performances, exciting dances, blasting fanfares from the brass section, rhythmic beating from the percussion, many people go to the football games just to see the band. Academically, there’s a ton that the school has to offer. It has programs throughout the sciences, math, engineering, technology, humanities, liberal arts, social sciences and many other programs. It is an excellent choice.

Tallahassee Community College

A perfect place to achieve an associate degree, Tallahassee community College has a ton to offer to students. It has many two-year degrees that can be transferred to four-year colleges. It is an affordable way to get a start on your academic career or your professional career. Many people will enjoy the small classroom sizes, the teacher to student ratio, the close-knit campus and the ability to learn in a very warm and encouraging environment. Its a great school to begin your academic career before transferring to a four-year university. You’ll find a lot in the school and has a lot to offer.

Lively Technical Center

The Lively Technical Center is the perfect place to start a technical career. What do we mean by technical? We mean mechanical, both aviation and automobile and also culinary arts, medical technician degrees, heating and air condition and welding. It is a great place to learn vocational skills to jump immediately into a career. It is all about building skills that can quickly help you earn a living.

As you can now see, Tallahassee has many colleges and university for all education desires.