There are a lot of fundamental misconceptions when it comes to the subject of mold removal. Many homeowners who discover that their property is infected with this stuff figure that removing mold is a DIY project. Eliminating mold on your own is possible but not easy. Some property owners think that they can do as good or even better than if they had hired a professional mold removal specialist to undertake the project for them. It’s doubtful that you will have the know-how, equipment, and tools to complete the job correctly and safely.

Mold Spores are Airborne

What people don’t understand is that mold is a spore, not a stain on the wall. Painting over it may take care of that one area of mold infection, but it will leave all of the other nascent mold-infected regions free to build themselves up in secret. Because they are microscopic and easily displaced from their current roost, mold spores have to be very carefully isolated and prevented from spreading through airborne movements even before any effort can be made to encapsulate, remove, or destroy them. Even ripping out mold-infected drywall or woodwork is going to spread those spores to other areas. It may take a while for the problem to return, but it will happen eventually.


Address the Root Problem First

Another of the most common mistakes of DIY mold removal attempts is to misunderstand the particular environmental conditions necessary for mold spores to prosper. They need dampness, warmth, and darkness to multiply to any significant degree. Since most mold infestation problems arise from some water inundation issue or through living in a damp, warm climate (or both), it is crucial for mold cleanup efforts to do something to ameliorate these conditions, which will prevent growth from re-occurring.

Mold Hides Out of Sight

It also needs to be remembered that mold isn’t just found where you see it. By the time it grows to a noticeable degree, it can actually spread throughout your entire home. Attacking the problem where you can visibly find it is not even half the battle. There is also more than just one type of mold infestation and this often means that more than one sort of treatment will be needed to eliminate every species of it.

Protect Yourself Before you Try DIY

As you can see, mold removal is a complex job that requires a lot of knowledge and training. It also requires experience to root mold out of every dank corner and other potential hiding places in the home. Disturbing mold in its current position can also subject sensitive individuals to severe health problems if they do not use the best in protective gear and garments.

If you have a mold problem, or merely think that you do, it truly is best to you consult with one of our experts for a mold inspection before you make the problem worse by liberal applications of well-meaning but unhelpful DIY procedures. You can reach out to us at or at our Mold Removal Google+ page.