Tallahassee, the state capital city of Florida, but a lot of people do not know the history of this beautiful city. By knowing about this lovely city, it will be easy for people to decide to visit or relocate to the Leon County.  There is a rich history, and we can see the effects of many different cultures in the architecture, food and historical monuments in the city.  It is full of places of interest and Tallahassee’s rich history is important to the state of Florida.


Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee

The first founding of the city was started by a Native American tribe from Mississippi that would settle in the area and help to make the region into the agrarian culture. So it was easy to see the culture would be one that was going to start to shape the area well before the settlers came into the area.

Commencing in the later 16th and early 17th century the missionary settlers began to come into the region. When the settlers entered the region, people began to see the area was in natural resources.  It started to grow even more in popularity.

The city of Tallahassee was founded in 1821 as the city and capital of the region. However, the city was the only one that was present in Leon County at the time of its founding.  It was located at a crucial part of the state as the region would allow for trade between the Spanish, British and the Native American population.  This trade occurred well before the city was founded and foretold of the future economic growth of the city as the cotton plantations started to grow in the region.

Tallahassee is still a great city for commerce, and it is a great city for people to explore. As you explore Tallahassee, think of the rich history and learn more about the state capital of Florida.