Health risks of flood damage can be quite severe and significant. It is essential to be aware of all the dangers lurking in flood water outside and inside your home. Just as important is to realize the long-lasting adverse effects flood water can have on your home and your health long after it has subsided.

Outside the Home

Structural Damage

Flood damage outside the home can result in dangerous standing water and structural damage. Flood water is well known to carry a host of different water-borne diseases. These diseases include typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis A, and leptospirosis. These diseases are not specific to underdeveloped countries; they are a problem anywhere there is standing flood water.

Electrical Problems

Your home can also suffer significant structural damage to the exterior, specifically your siding. It is important to have your home thoroughly inspected to ensure that there is no damage to the structure or wiring of your home. If flood waters recede reasonably quickly the majority of the damage should be cosmetic and not hazardous to your health the way electrical and structural problems could be.


Inside the Home

There are dangers and health risks that come with flood damage inside the home as well. Just as with outside, there are specific dangers to be had with standing water.

Exposure to Chemicals in the Flood Waters

One of the most significant health hazards of standing water in the home is the risk of exposure to chemicals. Most people store household chemicals on bottom shelves which are susceptible to flooding. Some substances that are benign on their own can become quite toxic when mixed. Other household chemicals are incredibly corrosive on their own.

Black Mold Grows Quickly

While toxic chemicals are a danger, the most common health risk of flood damage is found in the mold that is left behind. Once waters have subsided inside the home, microbial growth is sure to follow. While some items and surfaces can be washed to eliminate the mold, other surfaces are not as easy to treat. One of the most toxic types of mold, especially black mold, can create a host of different respiratory and dermatological issues. These issues are exasperated in the young, the elderly, and those that suffer from allergies and asthma.

Long-Term Health Issues

Because of the extensive list of health issues created by mold, it is essential to use a professional experienced in mold removal. We respond promptly and we’ll work to restore your home to safe conditions as quickly as possible. We know how to remove mold from difficult places and how to treat or porous surfaces. Calling our professional home mold removal service first is the best way to mitigate any damages and health issues due to mold from flooding.

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