As a community that has been around for a long time, Tallahassee has homes that vary in age.  Each period has different construction techniques and these techniques cause different problems over time.

Old houses are actually quite good properties to own if you get the chance. Contemporary homes in newly constructed neighborhoods are often all the rage among homebuyers, but they get pricey quick with demand and bidding wars, and the communities they are in are often far out of town from jobs and entertainment. In some new communities, the homes are squeezed in so close together that there is very little privacy, and homeowner’s associations and neighborhood bylaws are problematic.

Older houses may be far more affordable. This appeals to families already struggling with the expenses of children, to new homeowners, and sometimes even to retirees looking to downsize.

Historic homes may vary in prices and conditions.  Some older individuals love old houses that remind them of their childhoods. Older homes also come in communities where trees and plant life have had sometimes generations to grow up.

For all their advantages and appeal, old houses do suffer from a lot of common problems, and those that own these homes need to know what these common issues are so they can address them. Preventative steps, maintenance schedules, and budgeting for repairs all need to be regular themes in the life of an old house owner.

Common Historic Homes Problems

Cracked Foundations

Foundations of old houses have to be checked. Cracks can occur in them over time.  ! An old house owner at least needs to know what is underneath the home. Shifting foundations can risk the structural integrity of the entire home.

Mold in Crawlspace

Many old homes in Florida have a crawlspace.  The crawlspaces may have experienced leaks, floods or other problems. Additional moisture like this can create severe mold problems in wood floors.

Plumbing and Electrical Issues

Likewise, the plumbing and electrical wiring of an old home need to be regularly inspected, especially if it is the original pipes and wires. Newer plumbing and wiring are far more efficient and many times safer. Have a plumber and electrician both analyze an old home for common problems and get their recommendations on fixes. The costs of homeowners insurance might even go down after modern upgrades are put in.

Luxury blue bathroom in an old house in Tallahssee


Ventilation and Poor Insulation

Ventilation and insulation issues are another common problem in old houses. The ability of heat and cold to get in and out of a home can wreak havoc on utility costs every month. A few modern tweaks and home improvement projects can drastically improve the energy efficiency of a home. For that matter, check out the heating and cooling to see how old and inefficient they are.

Leaking Roofs

Roofing issues plague old houses, as there might not be any way of knowing just how long a roof has been up there. Depending on the materials, an old house owner might want to replace it flat out.

These are just a few common problems in old houses. Cracks in walls from settling, warped floor boards, and improper home improvement projects like bad wiring or plumbing from previous home owners are all things to look out for too if you choose to save money by living in an old house. Keep an eye out for all these things and more in your historic Florida home.

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